The silent power of compassion

The silent power of compassion

The silent power of compassion 2000 1333 Charlotte van Egmond

While ISA mentor Pambo (32) urges the girls in her neighbourhood to pursue their dreams, she realizes that she should take her own advice. To set a good example for ‘her teens’, she finally launches her own dream catering company. 

ISA is continuously searching to strengthen their active teams, searching for local mentors who have a strong and inspirational demeanor; someone who is an example for the youth within their community. In the Kenyan city Kitale, bordering Uganda, the new generation of girls need to learn that their voice is also important. Which is why their is a particular need for female mentors and role models.

A safe place

At first glance, Priscilla, who would rather be called Pambo, did not seem to be a very eligible candidate. She doesn’t have a loud voice, is lacking dominance and is not assertive. And yet the girls in her community are crazy about her. “Her strength”, reveals ISA trainer Yara, “is in her sincere listening ear and compassion. Pambo creates a safe place for the girls, where they dare to share their own story with her. She doesn’t put herself first, but the youth.”

Thanks to her silent strength Pambo is selected for ISA’s mentor program, where she learns to pass life lessons along to youth through means of sport. “Through ISA I have developed my mentoring skills. In my lessons I often discuss with the youth that if they really want something, they have to go after it themselves. Waiting is pointless. All of a sudden I thought: am I talking to myself? I have always dreamed of having my own catering company, but I kept putting it off. If I want to be a good example for my teenagers then I need to get into action.”

Never finished learning

Inspired by her own words Pambo makes her dream a reality: she starts a catering company and services churches, events and organisations. “You are never done learning. Even as a mentor I am still discovering what I want and chasing my passions. I think it is important that my youth see me as a living example. If you continue to grow you can be a better mentor.”  

In addition to her own growing company, Pambo continues to help the girls in her community to make the most of themselves. “This journey with ISA was one of the best experiences of my life. It has given me the courage to go after my own dreams.” 

About ISA’s Mentorship Program

As a coach, how can you not only teach the rules of the game, but also life lessons to youth through means of sport? That’s what coaches learn in ISA’s Mentorship Program.