ISA Experience Day in Den Bosch

ISA Experience Day in Den Bosch

ISA Experience Day in Den Bosch 4027 1778 ISA

ISA’s first Experience Day took place in Den Bosch on Thursday 29 September. During the day, 19 colleagues from NGOs working with young people experienced ISA’s fun, active and inclusive approach.

Showing what is unique about ISA’s approach
How can we best bring across what is unique about ISA’s approach? It’s not just sports. It’s not just training coaches. So what is it then? 

We decided that we can best explain how sports can be a changemaker for youth, just by showing it. And so we developed the ISA Experience Day to showcase our three main ISA programmes in three 30-minutes activities, in which participants experience our approach of Positive Youth Development in every aspect of our work.

The 3 experiences
Two ISA-facilitators, Gichuki and Inemarie led the following three activities:

  1. Connecting participants where it sparks: on the playing field
    The first series of activities was a sample from our GAME programme. We played competitive games with balls and cones to have fun and be active. By playing in alternating pairs players got to know each other. And  players were encouraged to help and support each other by giving tips or cheering for each other. In this way activities are fun, active, safe, inclusive and social. And that is how ISA-coaches learn to lead quality sports sessions. 
  2. Unleashing personal power and growth
    The second activity was a tagging game, whereby players could protect themselves from tagging by convincingly saying ‘NO!’ to the tagger, using voice and body language. Sports and play are places to practice skills in a fun and safe space. Despite the giggling, players actually got better at it! This game is a sample activity from our CHANGE programme.
  3. Youth leading social change
    The third activity was all about designing a community activity, starting with what each group member likes and dislikes about his or her community. The project planning brought together each member’s best skill. In less than 30 minutes subgroups came up with a Green Village project and other great plans. In real life, youth participants in our GAME CHANGERS programme will actually realise these projects, supported by a mentor. It is the final stage of our Meaningful Youth Participation journey, from participating, to forming an opinion, and advising to co-leading and leading. 

The sessions ended with a short reflection on the methods used, and visualise those with placemats. And so, at the end of all sessions, the entire learning journey that ISA offers to young people was made visible.

Professionals can still learn from youth activities
The 19 participants from War Child, Cordaid and Edukans gave us feedback on the three experiences as follows:

  • They indicated that they really enjoyed the game and the competition element. And they realised that everyone could enjoy playing, because they supported each other through positive coaching and cheering.
  • They stressed that it is quite difficult to indicate their boundaries convincingly. Many participants laughed or found it difficult to speak up convincingly. And so they themselves learned from the exercise.
  • They found it very inspiring to reflect on their own community in this way and how they can then use their own ‘super power’ to contribute. Many participants had never reflected on their community and skills in this way before. 

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