we got game

ISA believes that by activating the potential of the largest ever young generation, underserved communities will change. By connecting where it sparks, on the playing field. Where creativity, cooperation, talent, drive, character and self-confidence are unlocked.

What we do

ISA trains coaches and youth to discover and hone their talents. Where actions speak louder than words, a transformation is made on the sports field and beyond.


Unsafe places become safe. Street youth begin to pick up litter. Girls play alongside the boys who once dominated the sports field. The youth realise for themselves the change they want to see in their lives and their surroundings.


We not only love sports, we believe in the power it has. that is why we use sports to help strengthen the youth, so that they can continue to build thriving communities.

Join in!

Join in and make a difference! Discover how you can become a team player in ISA’s worldwide club!

We got game

“Basketball has been a great tool in giving me focus, through problematic times, home in my neighbourhood.”
– Salia Ouedraogo