about us

We not only love sports, we believe in the power it has. That is why we use sports to help strengthen the youth, so that they can continue to build thriving communities.


Never before has there been such a large generation of youth. ISA sees a wealth of potential in this generation. Which is why we offer young people in underprivileged communities the chance to make their dreams a reality. Because we believe that all youth deserve an honest chance, and when given it, they will give back to their own community. For example, by starting a company and taking a stand against gender inequality.


The team members of ISA thrive on the energy and fun found on the sports field. Where believing is achieving. This positivity can be directed towards creating a more beautiful world. The most efficient way to make a difference in underprivileged environments is to involve the thousands of local young people and ignite within them a passion for change. ISA is active from Europe to Africa and to the Middle East. We always work together with local partners, as they know best what is needed. Their involvement lends to a sustainable method towards positive change.

Our people

Global Office

General Director


“I founded ISA to create the same opportunities for all those thousands of young people in the world that I got through sport. Friendship and joy of life but especially the self-confidence and perseverance to keep going for your personal dreams”.

Programme Officer

Thomas Staats

“I have always believed in the big contribution that sports can have on the development of young people and the people that surround them. Working on providing young people all over the world with the opportunity of experiencing this really gives me a lot of energy!”

Programme Officer

Pim van Limbeek

“For as long as I can remember, sports have played an important role in my life. Sport has the power and ability to change a person’s life for the better. ISA is the organization that uses this power of sport to impact thousands of young people around the world and provide them with life-changing experiences and opportunities”

Regional Coordinator

Tim Hertsenberg

“Sports connect. While having fun and being active, sports makes you understand each other and learn from each other. Which ultimately makes you grow as a person. ISA gives me the opportunity to use my curious and engaged personality to connect with sports-orientated community based organisations and local coaches. Through collaboration, we aim to reach our common goal: empower the local youth through sports.”

Advisor Impact & Training

Inemarie Dekker

“Except for loads of fun, sports gave me a good coach who taught me skills I could use at and beyond the sports field. He taught our team to persist to play at our best, even when a loss is in sight. Feedback on what I did well and how to perform better, helped me to pursue my goals, as part of the team. ISA trains coaches like I had for youth around the world, to pursue their dreams and build their communities.”

Financial Advisor

Cees Noels

“My aim is to spend as much of the budget as possible on the objectives of ISA”.

East Africa

Regional Coordinator

Francis Gichuki

“I am always inspired to see young people changing their lives as well as their communities and to see them driving a new global order in which they are identified as a resource to be developed, not a problem to be solved. ISA gives me the opportunity to deliver life-changing programmes as I provide my shoulders to young people to step on and create new horizons in their lives.”

Programme Leader

Francis Ojilo

“Sports field is a school of life.It teaches me to play my main role to make my story count.ISA provides a fun and safe space for me to contribute and co create with young people to achieve personal goals and build a friendly community through lifelong changing activities.”

Change Facilitator

Mariam Twahir

“Patience pays, and truth be told each and everyone of us has something someone else can borrow from. ISA has provided me Mariam Twahir the best environment to grow as a person and at the same time work towards helping young people to realise their potential”

Change Facilitator

Bethwell Mwaura

“Having grown up, engaged as well as having a sporting chance on and off the pitch and throughout my life I have been able to journey as a youth and together working with young people thus acquiring and accumulating knowledge and skills worth sharing. I always look forward to being part of ISA team as together we are able to connect, share and with a view of young people as a resource, empower them to discover and realize their potential to create a positive impact both to their lives and communities.”

Change Facilitator

Violet Atieno Muyuyi

“I am grateful to get the opportunity for personal growth and being in an safe environment that let me realize my potential. That’s what I want to share with my community.”

Change Facilitator

Agatha Mumo

“There is power in sport to develop and transform young people’s lives and at large those of their communities. ISA gives me the opportunity to inspire, influence and be part of this personal growth and communal change”

West Africa

Regional Coordinator


“Malian youth receive much critique on their behaviour throughout the country. I am determined and excited to help the youth in developing new life skills.”

Lead facilitator

Boubacar Sy

“I am always inspired to see young people changing their lives as well as their communities and to see them driving a new global order in which they are identified as a resource to be developed, not a problem to be solved. ISA gives me the opportunity to deliver life-changing programmes as I provide my shoulders to young people to step on and create new horizons in their lives.”

Change Facilitator

Manoumou Mariam Sidibe

“I was able to gain self-confidence and respect from the members of my community being part of the ISA family. I have also been able to realize many of my personal projects in my community. I have a strong will to serve the youth and better support them.”

Change Facilitator

Mahmoud Thera

“The experiences I have gained with ISA have allowed me to undertake community development activities together with youth in my community while being a role model.”

Change Facilitator

Moumouni Diallo

“Each support given by ISA has had a positive impact on my different activities and has contributed to the desired changes. I am powered to fight for my goals, especially for the development of my community.”

Change Facilitator

Mohamed Dem

“Community development through sport is my vision of life. Every day I’m committed to work with the community, coaches, organisations and especially with the youth to change behavior to develop my community.”

Change Facilitator

Fatoumata Coulibaly

“Being in the ISA family is for me a great satisfaction because through it I have exploited my potential, shared my experiences, learned and especially accompanied young people who are certainly destined to be community leaders.”

Our board

Lucas Meijs

Nadia Wijnholds

Michiel Krauss

Warner Dijkhuizen
board member

Corniel Groenen
board member

Our Ambassador

Jesper Jobse

‘The Job’ – FIBA 3×3 PRO player. Silver medalist World Cup 2018.

“My goal is to show people the powerful means of sport. I want to let them experience how playing sports together can make you experience more success in the rest of your life. Working with ISA made me realise the outreach I have with my own sport.”

We got game

“Sport learns you to have respect, for the coach; your teammates and outside sports: for other people.”
– Ibrahim