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We not only love sports, we believe in the power it has. That is why we use sports to help strengthen the youth, so that they can continue to build thriving communities.


Never before has there been such a large generation of youth. ISA sees a wealth of potential in this generation. Which is why we offer young people in underprivileged communities the chance to make their dreams a reality. Because we believe that all youth deserve an honest chance, and when given it, they will give back to their own community. For example, by starting a company and taking a stand against gender inequality.


The team members of ISA thrive on the energy and fun found on the sports field. Where believing is achieving. This positivity can be directed towards creating a more beautiful world. The most efficient way to make a difference in underprivileged environments is to involve the thousands of local young people and ignite within them a passion for change. ISA is active from Europe to Africa and to the Middle East. We always work together with local partners, as they know best what is needed. Their involvement lends to a sustainable method towards positive change.

Our people

General director

Leonie Hallers

“I founded ISA to create the same opportunities for all those thousands of young people in the world that I got through sport. Friendship and joy of life but especially the self-confidence and perseverance to keep going for your personal dreams”.

Financial director

Cees Noels

“My aim is to spend as much of the budget as possible on the objectives of ISA”.

Manager programs and facilitation

Yara Hoppenbrouwers

“Sport gave me a passion, identity, community, mentor, and the self confidence I needed to grow. I work at ISA because I believe every young person deserves opportunities like the one I had”.

Manager strategy and innovation

Ward Karssemeijer

“For me, sport is about having fun, making friends and pursuing a passion. And this is exactly what my work at ISA is about”.

Program officer

Milena Alcorta

“I have always been very passionate about sports and the power it can have to change people’s lives. ISA has the wonderful ability to provide amazing opportunities to young people all over the world through sports, where working for ISA gives me the chance to contribute to this goal also”.

Country manager Mali

Hubert Diabaté

“Malian youth receive much critique on their behaviour throughout the country. I am determined and excited to help the youth in developing new life skills.”


Francis Gichuki

“I am always inspired to see young people changing their lives as well as their communities and to see them driving a new global order in which they are identified as a resource to be developed, not a problem to be solved. ISA gives me the opportunity to deliver life-changing programmes as I provide my shoulders to young people to step on and create new horizons in their lives.”

Sports program coordinator

Boubacar Sy

“With ISA, I dream to build a network of coaches able to teach skills necessary for life such as creativity, leadership, critical thinking, and problem solving. All of this for kids to grow and be able to stand up and shape their individual futures.”

Manager of programmes & education

Inemarie Dekker

“Except for loads of fun, sports gave me a good coach who taught me skills I could use at and beyond the sports field. He taught our team to persist to play at our best, even when a loss is in sight. Feedback on what I did well and how to perform better, helped me to pursue my goals, as part of the team. ISA trains coaches like I had for youth around the world, to pursue their dreams and build their communities.”

Social media officer

Rhys Williams

“Sport has helped bring clarity and a great deal of joy into my life, creating opportunities for growth personally and professionally. I hope to share the gift of sport and positive stories of youth development to inspire others”.

Programme officer

Elmo Jansen

“Sport creates friendships, opportunities and happiness in life, as it continuously does for me. With ISA I can contribute to achieving that same goal for many young people around the world”

Our Ambassador

Jesper Jobse

‘The Job’ – FIBA 3×3 PRO player. Silver medalist World Cup 2018.

“My goal is to show people the powerful means of sport. I want to let them experience how playing sports together can make you experience more success in the rest of your life. Working with ISA made me realise the outreach I have with my own sport.”

We got game

“Sport learns you to have respect, for the coach; your teammates and outside sports: for other people.”
– Ibrahim

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