Toolkit: Creating spaces for youth

Toolkit: Creating spaces for youth

Toolkit: Creating spaces for youth 5658 3772 ISA

How to create spaces in your community where young people are engaged in decision making? ISA – as part of a consortium of European partners – developed a toolkit for youth workers to support young people claiming civic space.

Here to Stay Toolkit
The aim of the toolkit is to support countering the trend of shrinking civic spaces in Europe and the implications it has on young people. Youth workers can use the power of sports and youth culture to transform communities: creating spaces for young people, engaging young people, and having them decide  over issues that affect their lives. 

The toolkit consists of collected best practices of youth workers around Europe. In it you can find concrete online and offline activities that can be done in any community, as well as practical know-how, guidance and resources.

Download the Toolkit
The toolkit is divided in three parts: 1) How to start creating spaces for youth; 2) How to build on created civic spaces; and 3) How to rebuild civic spaces once they have disappeared. 

Download the Toolkit here.  
The toolkit is available in Dutch, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian.

The Here to Stay partnership
This project is funded by Erasmus+ and developed in partnership with Oltalom Sportegyesület (Hungary), FITT Timisoara (Romania), ICDI – International Child Development Initiatives – (The Netherlands) and INEX – Sdružení dobrovolných aktivit (Czech Republic).